Liner Plate

Liner Plate

We are the professional crusher parts manufacturer. We product Impact Crusher liner plates(impact plates) for Impact crusher parts and we created a cement mill warehouse and kept 12 years long record. Nobody breaks until now: We succeeded researching and developing the first set of grooved liner plate in 1987 in China.
Our Crusher Liner Plate have been exported to india, Indonesia, Ghana, the United States, Russia and so on.

Impact Crusher Liner Plates Advantage

1. Competitive price for Impact liner Plates
2. High Manganese for Impact Crusher liner Plates
3. Reliable performance for Impact Crusher liner Plates
4. Perfect Finishing and Appearance for Impact liner Plates

Impact Crusher Liner Plate Introduction

The parts of impact crusher materials are mainly high manganese steel, ultra-high manganese steel and ultra-high chrome cast iron by Complex metamorphosis, refining grain size, purification of grain boundaries; control the solidification way during casting, optimizing heat treatment process, casting hardness, good toughness, impact resistance and wear -resisting, suitable for large and medium-sized impact crusher and impact crusher parts.

Crusher Liner Plate Feature

1. Compared with similar products its cost performance is higher
2. Compared with similar products it has high-efficiency of anti-friction, good safety performance & long service.