Crusher Rotor

Crusher Rotor

Crusher Rotor will be made by the professional Crusher Rotor Suppliers. Our Crusher Rotor For Sale online and we product Crusher Rotor for impact crusher parts, Hammer crusher parts and jaw crusher parts. Our Crusher Rotor have been exported to India, Indonesia, Ghana, the United States, Russia and so on. And we offer Crusher Rotor Repair service.

Crusher Rotor Introduction

Impact crusher rotor and Hammer crusher rotor is the key component of hammer crusher. After long time using, the hammer pin is easily to be out of shape,also the plate and crusher hammers are likely to break. DSMAC manufactures the optimized crusher rotor, and solves all these problems completely.

Crusher Rotor Advantages

1.Use the design of adjustable crusher rotor inertia, the rotor can greatly improve the crushing efficiency, increase the productivity by 20%-30%, and cam reduce the granularity by 30-50%.
2.”Use your power wisely”. As for the weak part by stress analysis nephogram of rotor, we take the way of reinforcement and use the high-strength steel, and also the protective design with armour-style, which can increase 50%-100% the service of Crusher rotor.