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DSMAC supply Crusher Hammers, we are the professional Crusher Hammers Suppliers. Crusher Hammers With OEM.
DSMAC support hammer crusher Parts including clinker Crusher Hammer,Stone Crusher Hammers,Coal Crusher Hammer ect.

Crusher Hammers Material and Composition

Stone Crusher hammers for stone crusher parts Component Wear-resistant Alloy Steel. Apply MaterialsLimestone, Coal, Plaster. Service Life8-12 Months (Limestone). Certification ISO9001:2008 SGS. ApplicationMining, Cement, Power…
Clinker Crusher hammers Component Mn14Cr2, Mn18Cr2. Apply Materials is Clinker, Slag. Service Life is 6-12 Months(Clinker). Certification is ISO9001:2008 and SGS. Application in Metallurgy Cement…

Crusher Hammers Introduction

Stone Crusher hammer feature : Crusher hammers aim at the crushing of limestone with abnormal content of SiO2. AMC(super high manganese/ tungsten and Titanium alloy composite materials) hammer head, which is named of “big gold tooth” super hammer head, can be used in hard condition of series abrasion.
Clinker Crusher Hammers Overview : SANDWICH® Super High Chrome hammerhead has been designed and manufactured successfully by DSMAC, and this hammerhead is used clinker crushing equipment. The new design helps solve the problem that has puzzled the generations of scientific research personnel for wear-resistant materials and cement industries.
Stone Crusher hammer Advantages : “Big gold tooth” crusher hammers have stronger wear resistance than those use tradition material. Crusher hammers service life has been improved by 50% compared with the ordinary high-manganese steel.
Clinker crusher hammers advantages : Manufactured with hypereutectic super high chromium, and it proved that DSMAC’s clinker crusher hammers have a long service time, 50~100% longer than those made of traditional high chromium iron. The special processing techniques DSMAC used ensure that our clinker crusher hammers have leading performance. The attrition is extremely little. Replace conveniently, low cost. The handle of clinker crusher hammer is mainly made of high manganese steel, while its hammerhead is made of chromium alloy with fine hardness, secondary toughness, excellent comprehensiveness and first-rate wear-resistance.