Cone Concave

Cone Concave

We are the professional crusher parts manufacturer. We product Cone Concave and Cone Mantle for Cone crusher parts. Our Cone crusher Concave and Mantle have been exported to india, Indonesia, Ghana, the United States, Russia and so on.

Cone Concave and Cone Mantle Overview

The cone crusher parts mainly have concaves and mantles and so on. DSMAC can manufacture numerous models of concave and mantles for cone crusher. The materials of mantle, DSMAC crusher parts is using the High Manganese, like Mn14Cr2, Mn20Cr2, Mn22Cr2, Mn18Cr2 to ensure the wear resistance.

Cone Concaves and Mantles Advantages and Features:

1. Tensile Strength: 190-220MPa
2. Japan Advanced LOBF Direct-reading Spectrometer
3. Ensure every machine and spare parts being inspected
4. Brinell hardness: 500-540 HBTensile Strength: 190-220MPa
5. Sophisticated processing equipment and completed inspection facility
6. DSMAC will provide with full-range service , and ensure every customer will be followed in real time.