Composite and alloy stone crusher hammers

Composite and alloy stone crusher hammersDSMAC is the professional composite and alloy stone crusher hammers supplier from china, Our stone crusher hammers have been exported to many countries, such as Indonesia, South Africa, Ghana, Pakistan, Laos, Thailand, Philippines and so on. We are online 7*24 hours, you can contact us at any time.

Hammer crusher is mainly divided into casting and forging hammer hammer and hammer is divided into casting, high manganese steel hammer, high chrome hammer, bimetal composite hammer three kinds, and the high manganese steel hammer and divided into ordinary high manganese steel hammer, inlaid alloy hammer, high chrome composite hammer three.

Although both wear resistance than the high manganese steel hammer hammer significant, but two kinds of hammer in market development also have shortcomings, they bimetal composite hammer, though wear resistance, price, etc. can be cement, sand and gravel companies to accept, but because it is two kinds of metal casting, using the process prone to breakage, etc., inlaid alloy hammer but because the process more complicated, although the wear resistance is good, but prices than bimetal composite hammer, high manganese steel hammer to be expensive. For limestone and other special chemical composition of materials, mosaic alloy bimetal composite hammer hammer and two best performing in the crushing, abrasion resistance and service life than ordinary hammer crusher is remarkable, comprehensive comparison of these two hammer head, different.

Bimetal composite hammer basically means the hammer and hammer hammer handle is designed to manufacture ends, hammer part of a high chromium cast iron, high chromium cast iron is a material with excellent wear resistance, so that you will have enough hammer end wear resistance. At the same time due to the high chromium cast iron low toughness, prone to brittle fracture, so choose a high toughness hammer handle high-manganese steel so that it has sufficient strength and toughness to overcome the shortcomings of a single material.

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